Add a virtual host and upload the website via sftp or ftp server (Linux+LNMP)

First of all, you must have configured the environment according to the method of this site tutorial, Linux+LNMP

1, add a virtual host

The popular point is to add a website (domain name) to the VPS/service provider.

You need to execute the following command: /root/ After the execution, the following interface will appear:

Enter the domain name to be bound here. For example, if I want to add, enter and press Enter. If you type one or more letters, hold down Ctrl and press Backspace to delete. The following prompt will appear:

This step prompts whether you want to add more domain names to the website, if you want to tie or more.

        Note: The domain name with www and without www is different. If you want to bring the www and the domain name of www without accessing the same website, you need to be bound at the same time).

If you need to add more domain names, you do not need to enter n Enter directly. If you need to enter y carriage return.



Enter the domain name to be additionally bound. Multiple domain names can be separated by spaces.

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