What is generic domain name resolution?

The so-called "pan-domain name resolution" refers to: using the wildcard * (asterisk) as a secondary domain name to achieve that all secondary domain names point to the same IP address.

For example, your domain name is abc.cn:

Make a sub-domain A record of *.abc.cn pointing to, then when the entry is effective, the visitor enters "123.abc.cn"

Or "123.123.abc.cn" can even be "3d293k.6543.ww.a.abc.cn" and any character can point to the IP address

But please note:


"." point

"-" middle crossbar

"/" left diagonal

These three characters cannot be applied in pan-parsing. The problem occurs when the three characters cannot exist in the first character of the secondary domain name.


-.abc.cn or -5.abc.cn

..abc.cn or .5.abc.cn or .abc.cn

/.abc.cn or/5.abc.cn

This is not resolved.


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