What is the level of the domain name?

The domain name is divided into a top layer (TOP-LEVEL), a second layer (SECOND-LEVEL), and a sub-domain (SUB-DOMAIN). 
The top level is divided into several types, namely:  
.COM commercial organizations or companies  

ORG non-profit organizations, groups.  GOV government departments.  
MIL military departments  
.NET organizations or companies engaged in Internet-related network services.  
XX by two Country codes consisting of letters, such as .CN in China, .JP in Japan, .UK in the UK, etc. Generally speaking, companies or institutions with large or international businesses do not use country codes. This type of domain name without a country code is also called an international domain name. In this case, the second layer of the domain name is a feature part of an organization or company, such as IBM in IBM.COM. For a domain name with a country code, the feature part representing an institution or company is the third layer, such as ABC in ABC.COM.JP. 
.biz is intended for business  
.info The general information service uses  
.tv as the international top-level domain, which was originally a country code top-level domain for Tuvalu, a Pacific island country. Through an agreement with Tuvalu, DOTTV became the exclusive registrar and registry for the .TV suffix domain. 
.CC is the officially licensed domain name for cocos and keeling islands in the Indian Ocean in northwestern Australia. In the United States, .CC has become the third-largest domain name after .com and .net, and the choice to use .CC domain names has become a trend. 
.SH is the country code top-level domain of St.Helena Island (St. Helen Island), the abbreviation of the island where the great Napoleon was exiled for seven years.     

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