How do I connect to my cloud server? (including linux and windows)

First of all to distinguish between linux and windows, including ubuntu, centos, debian are linux.

The following explains the windows login remote.

Click on the menu in the lower left corner. Search name

Open mstsc.exe

Enter the account password.

Log in to manage your cloud server.


Two: About connecting to the Linux cloud server


Linux systems require the use of third-party tools. Such as: mobaxterm with xshell or putty

You can go directly to the relevant software. Personally recommend using putty to be a bit simpler.

Open putty after downloading


Enter the IP address and click directly to open


Click when prompted: Yes

Go to the account password page.


When prompted for login as, enter root and press Enter.

Then enter your password. Note: It is not displayed when you enter your password.

After entering the input, enter the system directly.

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