How to choose the cloud server?

★ Choose the right cloud server configuration based on your actual business needs:

Understand your needs: When you choose a cloud server, you need to understand your needs and understand your website.

[1] Is the website based on static or dynamic? What kind of website program is used, what are the requirements for the operating environment, and whether a specific environment needs to be configured, which will affect the experience of the operating system and cloud server fluency;

[2] Also depends on the number of daily visitors and the average number of simultaneous online users, which will affect CPU, memory, bandwidth and other options;

[3] How big is the current data on the website, and whether it will increase rapidly in the future, which will affect the choice of hard disk. The website is for national users Still local users, this will affect the choice of room wiring.

[4] After determining the website situation, the estimation options can be made in conjunction with various configuration parameters of the cloud server.


Choose the right configuration: When choosing a cloud host, it is mainly based on your own needs.

[Memory] You can choose the appropriate configuration according to the size of the website. Generally, the application selects 1G memory. More than 50g of hard drive configuration is sufficient. If you have high requirements for cloud server lease configuration, you can choose 4G memory.

[Bandwidth] Bandwidth affects the speed at which a website can be opened. The greater the bandwidth, the faster the opening speed when accessing. You can It is best to have extra space when purchasing your own website and configuring your website for normal operation. Configuration to face unexpected situations.

[Router] Look at the situation of your own website and choose the right line. The company has Southwest Telecom, US High Defense, Hong Kong International, Jiangsu High Defense Can choose. US high defense has a free 20G defense. If you want to avoid the record and have a higher defense value, you can choose this. Fast speed can choose Hong Kong line.

[Hard disk] The whole solid-state hard disk provided by the company, the reading and writing speed is faster, the default system disk is given, the data disk defaults to 10G, it is recommended that you increase Add to 50G for emergency use.

[Defense] Hard defense is very important, the higher the hard defense, the safer the website. The United States provides high defense to provide 20G defense, Jiangsu engine room Hard defense up to 200G.

[Price] The company provides special activities, and the products in the whole region are purchased at ultra-low prices.

If you don't know about purchasing a cloud server, you can contact online customer service.

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